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We all have those times when we wonder where God is. Many of us, if not all of us, have felt deserted by Him at some time – or just always doubted His existence at all. The outcome of my surgeries, the fact of that being plural to begin with, left me feeling very abandoned…. Read more »

This One’s For You, Mama

All my life I have looked up to my mother with admiring eyes. Even now as an adult, I sometimes picture myself as a wide-eyed child staring up at this incredible woman whose strength, character and beauty seem to be too much for words. So many of the skills and characteristics I take for granted… Read more »

How Surrender Brings Freedom

In this season of Lent, this week’s focus is on surrender. This blog is about three things we need to surrender. The first thing we need to surrender is our past. We are people of the past. As Christians, our faith is rooted in a historical event. The Incarnation, the coming of Jesus, the son… Read more »