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Summer 2017: Reflecting on a Joy-Filled Season

As we stand on the edge of Fall, we look with anticipation at many of the things to come; school starting and the flurry of activities that surround that, a new season of events and group activities – resuming the Jr. and Sr. High youth groups, Community Groups starting up, the Harvest Festival, new series… Read more »

Do Not Give Up Meeting Together…

Our summer has been amazing, full of adventure with our children and vacations with family.  We have traveled nearly every weekend since the end of June.  Our experiences as a family have been memorable and I treasure them.  However, with all of the missed Sundays, I have begun to notice a feeling of disconnectedness from… Read more »

Clear Creek Family Camp 2017

“Then God looked over all He had made, and He saw that it was very good!” Genesis 1:31 Jill and I love being in the outdoors. We love hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking. If the sun is shining, we are always looking for a reason and opportunity to get outside. Jill feels closer to God in… Read more »

Real Wisdom. Real Community.

For the last three weeks, veteran couples have shared their hearts in the Real Stories, Real Hope Sunday school class. David and I have been married for nearly 9 years, but I feel like a newlywed when I hear wisdom from those who have succeeded in making it 30+ years. There have been too many… Read more »

Proverbial Wisdom

You are a 12 year old boy, your father was a national hero, and now you are the king of a mighty nation. Imagine God Himself appearing in a dream and telling you you could have whatever you wanted!! What would that be–you have a credit card from the Almighty Himself? Riches,power, defeat of enemies,… Read more »

Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to the Clear Creek Church blog, we are glad you stopped by to check us out!! We are a family who loves and follows Jesus as our way of life. Certainly we are not perfect, but progressing toward the goal of the upward call in Christ Jesus. Following Jesus is is not just a… Read more »