Proverbial Wisdom

You are a 12 year old boy, your father was a national hero, and now you are the king of a mighty nation. Imagine God Himself appearing in a dream and telling you you could have whatever you wanted!! What would that be–you have a credit card from the Almighty Himself?

Riches,power, defeat of enemies, great armies, personal glory?

Solomon, that 12 year old boy asked for this–an understanding heart, more literally “a heart to hear” (I Kings 3:6-9). And from the beauty of that request flowed the magnificent books of Proverbs, Song of Songs, and Ecclesiastes–a divine, yet very practical approach to life.

Proverbial Wisdom Image Come take a short journey as we listen to the wisdom of God through the lips and heart of Solomon in the Book of Proverbs. Peel back the layers of understanding–listen to the voice of God’s wisdom.

Please join us this Sunday, January 29th, for the first installment in our new series, Proverbial Wisdom, 9 AM in the Fireside Room.

Written by Al Cushway

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